Case study:Centre Parcs

Can you imagine a better place to have a brilliant idea?

Center Parcs Case Study

Center Parcs is Europe's leading short-breaks destination but it faced a dilemma familiar to many successful brands: how do you ensure repeat custom with your current users whilst encouraging aspirational potentials to rethink you?

The client team were sure that the answer needed some understanding of value that went far deeper than the obvious so we started by heading back to nature and joining in on the short breaks of young families, meaning we could ground our project in real life and unearth the true magic that Center Parcs delivers for this most important group.

We took the Truths this unearthed into an all-agencies workshop – the first time we've done one in the depths of the woods – and used real families' experiences as the launch pad for several creative-and-media thought strands, which were then developed through focus groups.

The winning idea, that Center Parcs provides a natural, free space in which ‘undivided attention' comes into its own, chimes with loyalists' own experiences, whilst directly overturning the misconceptions of non-believers. This thought now underpins the brand's 2016 cross-media communication strategy, currently executed with the use of urban bears (who were fortunately absent during our visit!).

Center Parcs Case Study