Case study:

Never take your customer journey for granted!

Case Study 3

How often do you stop to check the way customers are reacting to changes in your industry? The results might surprise you, as we found in a recent Customer Journey project for a major European postgraduate education provider.

Working with newly-enrolled students and plotting detailed individual customer journeys we learnt that not only had the perceived role of a provider changed dramatically but also that the time invested in choosing colleges had actually increased (‘hurrah!' said the marketing department!).

It was also clear that our client's main competitor had twigged these industry changes some time before – and had used their insight to steal significant market share.

This left us in an unusual position: educating workshops full of senior academics about the new realities of their marketplace… In a cross client team workshop we used the real students' customer journeys to generate series of carefully-timed propositions, which were then developed and prioritised in focus groups with potential students.

The results came in the form of a new digital positioning, earlier touch-points with potential customers, more investment in Open Days, and a handover programme to soft closure teams. They prove that change isn't always such a bad thing: the new strategy was implemented at once and a 2-year loss in share has been almost immediately reversed, with year-on-year growth in applications for 2016.