British Gas Boiler Market Place

The Challenge

British Gas asked for our help improve the user experience of their ‘boiler marketplace’ website, to reduce dropout and increase sales.

Our Approach

By combining traditional user experience research with upfront desk and customer needs research, we are able to provide far more detail – and generate far more comprehensive solutions – than single stage UX projects. 

The upfront research

  • Provides a thorough understanding of the market
  • Identifies barriers to using the service (in terms of brand, product and experience),
  • Describes the different customer need-states when visiting the site,

Generates new ideas that can drive

The UX stage pin points the optimum execution

  • Ensures the website meets real needs & overcomes latent brand or purchase barriers
  • Suggests additions that improve the experience and encourage desired outcomes
  • Finds executional fixes that make the site more user friendly

The strategy

We identified three distinct need-states when visiting the site (efficiency-driven, brand-driven and distress-driven) and recommended specific pathways to bring each audience closer to purchase.

More broadly, people were initially uncomfortable with the idea of buying a boiler online and needed additional reassurances when it came to in-home measuring, the availability of expert advice and additional guidance for comparing and choosing products.

Our report provided specific recommendations for each key page, as well as an overall framework of who the customer types were, their specific barriers and how to best lead them to purchase.

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